After a brief exchange of information about your health and general life style, I will apply a sequence of Bodywork techniques designed for your specific needs, tackling any physical issues you might have.

We´ll continue with a nurturing Craniosacral Therapy session that will induce a deep state of relaxation allowing your body to connect with dynamic stillness.

Using NLP techniques (Neurolinguistic Program) we will explore the possibilities of life style changes. We will look at nutrition and any limiting behavioural patterns you may have in order to help you regain a better state of wellbeing.

I believe the key to a therapeutic process is the integration of every system in your body. By being consciously present and aware you can regain your power and explore the possibilities of change. Together we can create a safe space for your body and mind to express them selves in a new and healthier way.


During an individual session I will company on your journey and be your constant support.

With MindTouch I´ll induce you into a state of deep relaxation where your body will have the opportunity to experience a holistic reset and remember its inherent source of health.

Together we´ll create a safe space where your mind and body can reach into your personal power and find a way to become the best version of yourself.

Benefits of MindTouch

• It´s a holistic reset.
• It’ll improve your quality of life by soothing your muscles and  joints and calm your nervous system.
• It’ll help with stress related disorders like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, digestive or respiratory problems, depression and low energy.
• During the session you will learn to tap into your natural resources and will gain tools you can use immediately in your daily life.
• It’ll help you change limiting believes and negative patterns in order to look at the root of the problem.
• It’ll allow you to regain your personal power and learn how to harness it during difficult times.
• Life will be painted with brighter colours when you see it from the inside out.


• My first experience with Cranial Therapy was with Lourdes whom a friend had recommended to me. I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and severe tinnitus, along with high levels of stress. Cranial therapy really helped relieve these chronic issues. Lourdes has an innate ability to really ‘connect’ and be ‘in tune’ with her client. She is caring, sensitive and extremely dedicated to her work and clients. She has been a rock in my life, not only as a cranial therapist but also a dear friend and supporter.

Sandy Reay

EFHD Equine Facilitated Human Development Prectitioner