Would you like to relieve emotional and physical tension (anxiety, stress, insomnia,headaches, muscular tension,…) on yourself and your love ones? I can teach you an easy and efficient way.

MindTouch is the perfect technique when you need to stop and let yourself be embraced by the feeling that “you’ve come home”. When you remember your soul is not in a hurry and the truth in you can never be hurt.

In my practice I provide the time and space to nurture your body, and calm your mind through Craneosacral Therapy and Bodywork . I invite you to regain your power and reconnect with your natural healing resources while I accompany you in your journey to wellbeing.

.During the workshops you will learn to read with your hands and connect with yourself and your companions through a form of safe and gentle contact.

You´ll practice simple techniques that you’ll transform into efficient skills.

You’ll discover you always had the power to connect and sincronise with others through your hands and will be amazed with the results.

During an individual session, I´ll company on your journey and will be your constant support .

With MindTouch I´ll induce you into a state of deep relaxation where your body will have the opportunity to have a holistic reset and remember its inherent source of health.

Together we´ll create a safe space where your mind and body can recover your personal power and find a way to the best version of yourself.

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 5 Principles of MindTouch

MindTouch is a connection-based healing technique that has a direct effect on your wellbeing. Of all our senses, TOUCH is the one most linked to our emotions, and the only one absolutely essential to reach our full potential as human beings.

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MindTouch Practitioner Level I

Integrating craniosacral techniques 

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Poner MindTouch Practitioner Level II

Deepening in Craniosacral Techniques

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• My first experience with Cranial Therapy was with Lourdes whom a friend had recommended to me. I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and severe tinnitus, along with high levels of stress. Cranial therapy really helped relieve these chronic issues. Lourdes has an innate ability to really ‘connect’ and be ‘in tune’ with her client. She is caring, sensitive and extremely dedicated to her work and clients. She has been a rock in my life, not only as a cranial therapist but also a dear friend and supporter.

Sandy Reay

• It was a pleasant surprise to find a teacher as good as Lourdes; very professional, always kind and with admirable energy. She has a way of explaining things that reaches everyone regardless of their background. Lourdes doesn’t just give the lesson and follow the program but, at the same time, draws from her knowledge and experience transforming each class into a unique experience. She is the ideal teacher!

Elisabetha Scinto

I have known Lourdes as a therapist and teacher for the last three years, and if there´s something that defines her, apart from her professionalism, is her honesty and sense of compromise, with her clients and the therapies that she practices. Her respect, listening skills and wide experience make her a great therapist and instructor.

Laura Gomez